Get involved

Volunteer as a Mentor

Open Gate mentors are trained volunteers from the local community who will meet with a woman and establish a befriending relationship by visiting them before and after release from prison.

Volunteers may support through:

  • Helping women learn new life skills through Open Gate’s structured activities programme i.e. cooking, gardening, money management, sewing
  • Helping women attend appointments and access local services
  • Collecting donations for women setting up home
  • Assisting with practical tasks i.e. form-filling, phone calls and information gathering
  • Meeting socially for coffee and chat and being an active listener

Volunteers will be required to undergo a DBS check, receive training and provide references. No personal details (i.e. home address and telephone number) will be shared with clients and all communications are made via project staff.


Volunteer as a Peer Mentor

Many people who have served a prison sentence find settling back into the community hard and want someone who has experienced the feeling of ‘being an outsider’ to talk to. We have a fantastic team of women who have been to prison and have successfully rebuilt or are rebuilding their lives. They are happy to offer friendship and support to others in a variety of ways.

If you have served a prison sentence and feel you want to give something back please contact us for a chat.


Volunteer as Community Interactors

It’s a grand title for really being a Friend of Open Gate and promoting our work whenever you can.  Organising fundraising events, running coffee mornings and selling our crafts at fairs all help us to continue our work.

Giving talks at voluntary groups and at churches helps raise the awareness of our work whilst highlighting the disparities and often injustices in sentencing for men and women.


Become a Trustee

We have an incredible Board of Trustees who guide Open Gate with their knowledge and professional expertise. If you feel you could contribute to Open Gate as a trustee please contact us for a chat about the role and responsibilities.



“I really have a lot to thank Open Gate for; the support, regular calls asking how I am doing, and things for my house. Keep up the good work!”